Similar workshops offered at colleges and universities would hundreds of dollars (if not over a thousand dollars!), but the Writing with Grace Memoir Course gives you the gift of getting to learn high-level writing skills, insights and tools at home for a fraction of that cost. You also have access to Ann and an industry professional who will share about the publishing world from the inside out!

  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course: $279

  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course + Editorial Feedback: $399

  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course + Editorial Feedback + One-on-One Coaching Call: $539

Would a payment plan make this course more feasible for you? We are now happy to offer a payment plan at a minimally higher cost (to cover administrative fees). You can pay for the Writing with Grace Course over three months. For more information, click the payment plan below!

Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirming your purchase of the course (please make sure your email is typed in correctly) within 24 hours. This email secures your spot in class, and you will receive another email before class begins on October 8th will all of your login information! If you have any problems or do not receive an email after securing your spot, contact