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Do you want to write your story?


Do you know that you have a story to tell, but don’t know where to start?


Do you believe your story can encourage others, but aren’t sure how to write it?

Do you love to write, but feel stuck when it comes to telling your own story?


Do you want to publish your memoir, but don’t know where to begin?

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What if someone came alongside of you with powerful insights and practical tools to help catapult your ability to write your story well?

What if you learned how to write in a way that not only encourages, but deeply engages your reader?

What if you could take a live, college-level, memoir course from home and re-watch the classes on your own schedule?

What if you got to learn about what editors are looking for in publishable memoirs?

That’s what the Writing with Grace Memoir course will do for you.

Are you ready to grow as a writer?

I would tell anyone interested in writing that you need to do whatever it takes to sign up for a course with Ann Swindell. Ann is a gifted teacher who encourages students spiritually while developing their skills and growing their confidence. My life and journey as a writer has been forever transformed by Writing with Grace! 

--Jillian, Writing with Grace student

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What’s included in the Writing with Grace: MEmoir course:

  • 4 weeks of live webinar classes, taught by Ann Swindell.
  • Live classes will take place every Tuesday night, October 2nd through October 23rd at 8:00 pm CST.
  • Classes will be recorded and uploaded for students to watch again and on their own schedule.
  • A Q&A interview session with Stephanie Rische, Senior Editor at Tyndale House Publishers.
  • Writing prompts, exercises, and assignments to strengthen your writing repertoire each week.
  • A private Facebook group for members of the course to interact with one another and with Ann as they write.
  • The opportunity to reserve editorial feedback and a one-on-one coaching call with Ann.

Course Outline:

  •  Week 1: Why Memoir Matters + Where to Dive In
  • Week 2: Clarifying the Narrative Voice + Memoir and Publishing
  • Week 3: Memory and Truth-Telling + Structuring Your Memoir
  • Week 4: Writing about Faith + Boundaries + Revision and Resolution

I’m ready to grow as a writer! Sign me up for the course.

(Don’t miss out! Registration closes September 24th!)

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M E E T   A N N

Ann Swindell is a dynamic writer and teacher who helps others strengthen and sharpen their writing voice, ability, and craft. She has been writing professionally for over a decade, and her work has been featured in The Gospel Coalition, Proverbs 31, RELEVANT Magazine, Darling Magazine, Desiring God, Deeply Rooted, (in)courage, Christianity Today Women, and multiple other publications. Her first book, a memoir entitled Still Waiting, released with Tyndale House Publishers in 2017.

Ann holds an MA in Writing from DePaul University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Seattle Pacific
University. She taught writing and creative writing courses at Wheaton College for five years as a college instructor and is passionate about helping other writers communicate clearly and powerfully as they seek to tell their own stories well.

You can get to know her more at www.annswindell.com.

The Writing with Grace Memoir Course has given me the courage to own my calling as a writer and to pursue it. I am so thankful for this class! 
-Mary Margaret, Writing with Grace student

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Who is this Course for?

This course is for the Christian writer who wants to intentionally grow in the ability to write his or her story powerfully, beautifully, and effectively on the page. If you’ve already started your memoir, this course will strengthen your ability to tell your story well. And if you don’t know where to start, this course will help you get your memoir off the ground in a meaningful and powerful way!

Are these live classes?

Yes! Classes will be taught live by Ann and class recordings will be available for students to watch and re-watch through the end of January 2019.

When are the classes?

The Writing with Grace classes will be taught live on four consecutive Tuesday nights, starting October 2nd and going through October 23rd of 2018. But if you can’t watch on Tuesday nights, don’t worry! Every session, interview, and optional assignment will be available for you to watch online on your own schedule.

Do you have to be a Christian to take this course?

You do not need to be a Christian to take this writing course. However, Ann is a Christian and talks openly and consistently about her faith in Jesus and how that impacts the writing life. If that will make you uncomfortable, Writing with Grace probably isn’t the right course for you.

I’ve already started my memoir. Is this course for me?

Yes! Ann has specifically set up this course for both the novice memoirist and for the seasoned writer. The tools and techniques used to write a strong memoir are a foot wide but a mile deep, and this course will give you the opportunity to go as deep as you can in your memoir-writing ability. Specific exercises and hand-crafted assignments will allow you to take your writing ability to the next level.

I want to write my story, but I’m not sure I’m a writer. Is this course for me?

If you’re willing to work, definitely! Ann has specifically set up this course for both the novice memoirist and for the seasoned writer. The tools and techniques used to write a strong memoir are a foot wide but a mile deep, and this course will give you the opportunity to go as deep as you can in your memoir-writing ability. We won't sugarcoat it--writing is hard work! But it's the best kind of hard work, and the payoff of writing your own story with intention and beauty are more than worth it. 

What is the cost of this course?

The Writing with Grace Memoir course costs $279, and a payment plan is available. You can reserve the editorial feedback option and one-on-one coaching call at an additional price. See details below!

Can you tell me about the editorial feedback option and one-on-one coaching calls that Ann is offering?

If you participate in the Writing with Grace Memoir course, you will also have the chance to reserve an editorial feedback slot and a coaching call with Ann. These are optional but can only be reserved by students taking the course, and they are very limited in number.

Editorial feedback option: If you reserve the editorial feedback option, Ann will edit and
(lovingly!) critique a section of your memoir of up to 1000 words of text for you. Along with content editing, the editorial feedback Ann gives will include a paragraph of encouragement, challenge, and insight for how to move forward with your particular piece. The editorial feedback will be done via email, and your feedback will be sent to you in a Word Document or PDF file. Your piece will need to be sent in by the final class date; Ann will return her feedback to you no later than the end of December 2018.

One-on-One Coaching Calls: If you reserve the editorial feedback and the coaching call, Ann will edit and critique your piece (see above), and she will also schedule a one-hour coaching session to talk with you about your memoir, writing goals, and next steps. You and Ann will find a mutually convenient time to talk; all coaching calls will be completed by the end of January 2019.

I know someone who would love this course! Can I give Writing with Grace as a gift?

Yes! Do you have a writer in your life who would love the Writing with Grace course? What a wonderful gift to give! Simply sign up for the gift option at checkout and follow the instructions. 

I still have a question!

Email WritingWithGraceCourse@gmail.com for any further questions.

How long is registration open for?

Registration for the Writing with Grace course is only open for two weeks, from September 10th through 24th.  If you want to secure a spot in the class, make sure to sign up now!

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Yes, I’m ready to write my story!

I cannot tell you how helpful Writing with Grace was and well worth every penny of the cost. Ann offered guidance, tools, practical tips and resources based on education, experience, and connections. It felt tailor made for me!  
--Andrea, Writing with Grace student


I have taken two Writing with Grace courses and each one has been impactful both as a writer and as a woman of faith. Ann and her classes have given me the affirmation and encouragement I needed to step faithfully into writing my story.
--Mindy, Writing with Grace student


Similar workshops offered at colleges and universities would hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars, but the Writing with Grace Memoir Course gives you the gift of getting to learn high-level writing skills, insights and tools at home for a fraction of that cost. You also have access to Ann and an editor from a major publication who will share about the publishing world from the inside out!

  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course: $279*
  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course + Editorial Feedback: $399
  • Writing with Grace Memoir Course + Editorial Feedback + One-on-One Coaching Call: $539

*If you would like to sign up for an installment plan to pay over three months, the cost will be $99 a month.
Click HERE to sign up for a three-month payment. 

Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirming your purchase of the course (please make sure your email is typed in correctly) within 24 hours. This email secures your spot in class, and you will receive another email before class begins on October 2nd with all of your login information! If you have any problems or do not receive an email after securing your spot, contact WritingWithGraceCourse@gmail.com.